Brief Description:

  • (Pages 115—116)

As Scipio’s father leaves the room, Scipio is left to face Victor alone. Once Scipio heads for the door, Victor calls out to him and demands to know the location of Prosper and Bo. Unwilling to provide any information that might put his friends into harms way, Scipio yanks the rug from beneath Victor’s feet. Victor is left lying on the floor, once again outwitted by a small child.

Characters Needed:

  • Scipio
  • Victor

Explanation for Scene Choice:

The reason I chose this scene was because of its significance to the story line. The reader and Victor have now made the connection to Scipio’s mysterious identity. With Scipio’s identity revealed to Victor, it is only a matter of time before he locates Prosper and Bo. It is also significant because the reader is made aware that Scipio is not who he claims to be. He is not like the other children, homeless and poverty stricken. Scipio has a life that many of his fellow friends would envy. The reader begins to question Scipio’s motives.


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  1. jhgissy Said:

    I chose a similar scene where Prosper & Bo go to Scipio’s house. Scipio stands at the top of the stairs with a shocked look on his face when he sees Prosper & Bo at the bottom of the stairs. Prosper & Bo feel betrayed by their friend.

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