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Informational Texts

What do you think about these types of books?

One thing that I can never seem to get enough of is knowledge. I love learning everything there is to know about a subject that interests me. I often find myself asking question after question until my thirst for knowledge is satisfied. So, of course I would love informational texts. I find them extremely helpful for children because they are usually very inquisitive. How does that work? Why is it like that? I honestly don’t see how any elementary school teacher could live without having informational texts in his/her classroom. Informational texts are also a fantastic way to build on a child’s reading.

How are current offerings different from the informational books and biographies you remember from your elementary school days?

To be honest, I don’t recall informational texts from my elementary school days. The only biography that I remember reading was The Diary of Anne Frank. Maybe that alone clarifies my experience with informational books as a child. Perhaps they were not as elaborate, detailed, and beautiful as they are today, making them less memorable. If I would have read one, it definitely would have been about dinosaurs! I was obsessed. I think the closest I ever came to informational texts were magazines (I think it was Zoobooks). I would imagine that since I was in elementary school the demand for a variety of subjects has increased. It seems as if there is an informational book about everything.

How do you think children will respond to these types of books?

I would assume that children would respond positively to informational texts simply because there is a book for everything. Every child is interested in at least one thing. Before you know it, they can become addicted to satisfying their demand for more information. I think that the more a person learns, the more they want to learn. As we expand our knowledge base, we begin to ask even more questions. For example, as a child I was, as previously mentioned, obsessed with dinosaurs. I was so obsessed, that I wanted to be an archeologist and dig dinosaur bones all day. So, I started learning about dinosaurs. I wanted to know about the different kinds of dinosaurs. Then I started to ask about their diet. Where did they live? What happened to them? It never stopped with one question. And hopefully, with my classroom, it will never stop with one book. I must add that I decided against being an archeologist when I discovered that dinosaur bones weren’t everywhere, and sometimes I might dig up other artifacts that weren’t nearly as interesting.




Brave, determined, daring, and passionate

Friend and entertainer of the city

Lover of juggling fiery torches and walking the tightrope as he entertains

Who feels free, safe, and serene

Who finds happiness in the sky which surrounds him

Who needs to see his ideas transform into reality

Who gives performances for all to see

Who fears nothing but the prohibition of his desire

Who would like nothing more than to see the city and harbor spread beneath him

Who enjoys the freedom of the tightrope as he sways with the wind between the towers

Resident of New York


“I” Poem

Opal’s Voice

I have a heart, but it’s empty

I wonder how long it will be so

I can almost hear my mother’s voice calling

I can almost see her arms wrapping around me tight

I want her back home

I have a heart, but it’s empty

I pretend that I am not so lonely

I feel like it’s all about to change

I touch Winn-Dixie’s face

I worry that Preacher won’t let me keep him

I cry

I have a heart, but it’s empty

I meet new people because of Winn-Dixie

I knew he was special

I understand now

I can’t hold on to something that wants to go

I still dream of mom coming back home

I will always think of her, from time to time

I have a heart, and it’s full… all the way up.